Mission Statement

“We offer tools to raise the professionalism, public perception and profitability of commercial real estate practitioners.”


“We are an alliance of the most respected, productive, successful commercial real estate professionals in the Carolinas… the indispensable partner for commercial real estate.”

Core Services

Property Information

Provide timely, accurate and concise information on all available and sold listings to our members. Continuous improvement, responsiveness & expansion

Brand Development and Communication

Development a brand that will attract new members and energize existing members. Provide a robust website. Increase public awareness of RCASENC.

Professional Development and Networking

Provide quality professional development offerings and promote a high level of professional conduct among our members.

Communicate with members and community to promote RCASENC and provide networking opportunities. Expand our sphere of influence through expanding Alliance and Allied memberships.


RCA/MLS Access

Members receive access to the RCA MLS.

Learn and Grow

Take advantage of your membership value with the numerous discounted course offerings through your RCASENC. And, the RCASENC continues to strengthen the association by bringing more commercial-specific courses to Southeastern North Carolina.

Understand the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate

New members attend a comprehensive Orientation Class to help them through the fundamentals of being an RCASENC member. Become familiar with RCA rules and regulations as well as gain information about important RCASENC benefits, initiatives and issues.


Members have several opportunities to enjoy networking with more than 350 members, including quarterly meetings.

Your Competitive Edge

The RCASENC provides you with important information about the industry via the RCASENC Weekly Update newsletter, including legislative issues, upcoming classes, meetings and more. Benefit from the vast marketing network available to you, including access to promotional material from RCASENC, NAR, NCAR and other organizations.

Regionalization of SENC

The RCASENC has worked to regionalize the marketing helping you make connections easier and increase your access to resources across Southeastern North Carolina.

Free Mediation Services

Should you need help in settling a dispute, you’ll be offered the opportunity to use our free mediation service to possibly avoid costly arbitration.

The Realtor® Name

Clients of RCASENC members will be reassured that as a REALTOR® you bring a high level of professionalism and adhere to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.